Playlist of the Week: Sean Moeller of Daytrotter

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Illustration courtesy of Johnnie Cluney

With all the music going in and out of Daytrotter’s studio, it’s a wonder Sean Moeller can narrow the music he’s been listening to down to five songs. But he managed to find a way. A fan of both the obscure and the overplayed (see his last explanation), Moeller shares his five favorites of the moment with Marquee.

Daniel Johnston — “Mind Movies”
“It’s off his new record, which came out Tuesday. I played this the other night for Paleo (on the Barnstorming Tour) and he just flipped out. It was such a great reaction and I think it’s one that Johnston gets a lot when it comes to his music. It’s just from such a true and cluttered place.”

Nurses — “Technicolor”

“From one of the best records of the year. They played our Barnstormer kick-off show (Monday) night and they’re just so captivating in so many ways. I absolutely love the repetitive nature about this song.”

Noisettes — “Never Forget You”
“Heard this for the first time last week on Letterman or something like that and was floored. I didn’t think that this was what the Noisettes sounded like, but I’d never heard any of their music so I dug the record out of the heaps in the office and it’s terrific. I apologize for just now finding you, Noisettes.”

The Subjects — “The Hard Way”
“These are our buddies from Brooklyn and this is a pretty hot jam. I think it’s a hit. And I think they do as well. I think they’re a really underrated band writing some really catchy, killer songs.”

Suckers — “It Gets Your Body Movin'”

“One of the songs that’s been sneaking into my head a lot lately — along with the hits from Mr. Big and The Verve Pipe — and it’s going to be such a treat seeing them for six days in a row with Dawes, Chris Denny and Snowblink this week.”