DPS Reports 10/6

Oct. 2
At 10 p.m., a student noticed her purse was missing from a party in the 2200 block of west Kilbourn Avenue. The student reportedly left her wallet in an unsecured, unattended location. Upon return to McCormick Hall, the DPS officer at the front desk said her wallet had been turned in after being found in one of the elevators. A digital camera and iPod touch are among the items missing. Estimated total loss is $610.

At 10:19 p.m., officers were dispatched to the north side of Straz Tower after a suspect was seen attempting to steal a bicycle. When officers approached the man, he claimed he was waiting for a resident of the residence hall, however he could not provide a name or room number. DPS told him he was caught trying to steal a bicycle on surveillance camera. MPD took the man into custody for prowling.

Oct. 3
At 12:47 a.m., DPS officers were dispatched to the north side of Renee Row Apartments by the State Street entrance. An officer on patrol witnessed a 19-year-old male chasing four students with a glass bottle. The attack was allegedly the result of a verbal altercation. The suspect, who was not affiliated with the university, hit one of the students with the glass bottle and the remaining three with a closed fist. DPS located the suspect and MPD took him into custody for battery.

Oct. 4
At 3:37 a.m., a DPS officer at the front desk of Schroeder Hall confiscated a counterfeit Indiana state ID card when a female student mistakenly presented it as her MUID. The officer noticed the ID was fake when he verified the student’s age upon check-in to the residence hall. DPS disposed of the ID.