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SNAPSHOT: ‘More fun than resting’

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Dan Lappin, the accompanist for the 8 p.m. Sunday mass in the chapel of the Holy Family.

Dan Lappin, the accompanist for the 8 p.m. Sunday mass in the chapel of the Holy Family.

As the tune of the opening hymn permeated the Chapel of the Holy Family Sunday evening, the atmosphere was reverent. Empty seats dotted the rows and students sat in quiet groups or by themselves. The pianist sitting at the front of the chapel tried to discreetly slip a cough drop into his mouth as he began to play.

Dan Lappin, a freshman in the College of Engineering, is the accompanist for the Marquette University Chorus, sings in the Liturgical Choir and accompanies the Sunday 8 p.m. Mass in the Chapel of the Holy Family.

Last Thursday, Lappin found out he had pneumonia after coming down with a fever. He missed classes  Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. Sunday marked the 10th day he woke up with a fever.

But Lappin didn’t miss one of his musical obligations last weekend. During Family Weekend events on Saturday, he played piano at the University Chorus concert and sang with the Liturgical Choir during Saturday Mass. He ended his weekend where he always does — at Sunday evening Mass.

He said the weekend was challenging, for example, trying hard not to cough out loud while he was playing, especially during Mass on Sunday. Lappin also said singing with the Liturgical Choir proved to be difficult with pneumonia because it was harder to breathe.

The weekend was tiring, but Lappin enjoyed most of it. When he found out he had pneumonia, he didn’t think twice about playing for the chorus concert or Sunday evening Mass.

“I look forward to coming to Mass because I enjoy playing,” Lappin said. “I was looking forward to doing the (Chorus) concert this weekend, too.”

Lappin admitted that he probably should have been resting instead of participating in so many activities this weekend.

“This is more fun than resting,” he said.

The weekend finally caught up with Lappin after Sunday Mass. He had several assignments to finish and hand in Monday because of the classes he missed last week. He said he didn’t want to stay up too late because he wanted to sleep and recover, but he also had work he needed to finish.

“I’ll just get done what needs to get done for (Monday) and then just put all the rest off for later in the week,” Lappin said.

Lappin had someone offer to sub for him to accompany the University Chorus and Mass Sunday night, but he refused because he thought he would have recovered by then.

“But really, who thinks they’re going to be sick for 10 days?” Lappin said.

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