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LARSON: Nostalgia for the Marquette Gold

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Basketball season is in the air, scented with the most recent victory against IUPUIUOIDOP or something like that, and I can't help but get excited. Alas, my mind still wanders back to 2005. Back when Britney and K-Fed were only halfway into their marriage, back when Iraq still didn't seem that bad, back when, for a few short but glorious weeks, we were the Gold.

Yes, those were the good old days. Sure many people might not have thought it was a good idea, but surely that puzzled/wtf look on D-Wade's face when they told him about the change must have been one of approval, right? Can you just imagine the possible mascots and nicknames?

We could have had a gold equivalent to the Syracuse Orangemen and when we play them they could have run at each other like a Master Card commercial, I bet that could have brought in some cross-promotional revenue. What about gold soccer balls? I'm sure the women's basketball team would have loved being called the "Gold Diggers."

So many missed possibilities.

Now here it is my fourth and final year at Marquette and we are on our third logo and sticking with Golden Eagles. I really wonder who is making these constant decisions to change things involving our sports teams.

Our new logo looks suspiciously like Southern Miss' and the new uniforms aren't very flattering either. I thought the simple MU logo was classic and refined and that the blue and gold uniforms were plenty good too. I know Marquette is trying to change the way it markets itself, but did it really need to change a logo that was less than two years old? Any Marquette merchandise I bought freshman year is now two logos ago.

I suppose it's a good way to make sure people keep buying stuff from the spirit store. What does that make Warrior stuff at this point?

Although Gold was still a great decision, I don't see why we couldn't have simply named ourselves the Marquette Potawatomi Casino Bingo Night Pays Big! Teams sell stadium naming rights all the time and European soccer uniforms are veering dangerously toward looking like stock cars, so why shouldn't we have simply taken the next logical step? We already pander enough to the American Indian community.

Why else would something as bland as Warrior be offensive?

Now had our nickname been the Scalping Savages with a logo of an American Indian foaming at the mouth with rage as he scalps a frontier woman clutching her baby, yeah, that might be a little offensive. But would the MU logo with the nickname Warriors really have been that offensive?

Either way, no matter how many "Let's Go Warriors" chants get going at games or how hard alumni try to bring back the Warriors, they had their shot. The Golden Eagles are here to stay—for now. Soon it will be the time of the Gold. The Bradley Center will be filled with deafening chants of "Let's Go Gold," people will abduct and spray paint the Orangeman gold when we play them and the alumni of my class will clamor without end until we see Gold rightfully return.

Remember the Golden Eagle isn't even the best kind of eagle, but Gold is best you can get. Unless a team called the Platinum comes around.

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