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Allocations of extra funds approved

  • MUSG distributed $5,000 to various club sports at its Feb. 12 meeting.
  • The club receiving the greatest amount of money was the ski and snowboard club.
  • The funding was approved by a 26-0 vote.

Marquette Student Government approved the distribution of the previously allocated $5,000 from the Student Organization Allocation to specific club sports at the Feb. 12 Senate meeting.

The additional funding came from an $18,000 total surplus in unanticipated Student Activity Fee funds.

The legislation passed with a 26-0 vote.

The ski and snowboard club was given $990 — the largest portion any club sport received of the extra $5,000. Twelve total clubs received additional funding.

The most money overall, which includes SOA period-two funding previously approved at the Nov. 20 Senate meeting, went to men's lacrosse, with $3,973.48 distributed.

When considering how much money to distribute to the different clubs, Executive Vice President Kathleen Blaney said the MUSG Budget Committee considered which clubs had larger disparities between what was asked in previous funding requests and what was actually given, as well as how much money members were already paying for dues.

Blaney, a senior in the College of Nursing, said the different amounts of money distributed were also affected by how requests were filed by the clubs. Some asked for funding for specific events and others simply asked for money for unspecified purposes.

The Senate voted for the $5,000 allocation to club sports at its Feb. 5 meeting. The full Senate must approve any funding request above $1,500.

The period, which closed Nov. 14, was re-opened this month to give club sports a second chance at receiving extra funds after the Senate failed to pass such legislation before the period's deadline.

The funding was given only to club sports who had previously applied in SOA period two.

In other MUSG news…

Margaret Bloom, vice provost for undergraduate programs and teaching, gave a presentation at last week's meeting discussing the results of an institutional learning assessment based on survey data from the graduating class of 2008.

The survey evaluated seniors' opinions of how well the university met its goals and how well specific majors met their expected learning outcomes.

Seniors cited the university's cultivation of leadership qualities and its mathematics courses as the two most glaring areas in need of improvement, Bloom said.

MUSG President Ray Redlingshafer, a senior in the College of Business Administration, said he would meet with the Milwaukee Department of Public Works to view a sketch of the planned Wells Street median.

Redlingshafer said the proposal would be presented to the Senate at a later date.

Outgoing Financial Vice President Jimmy Schott, a senior in the College of Business Administration, was approved by the Senate as Parliamentarian in a 23-3 vote.

Schott's term as financial vice president ended yesterday.

Jonathan Giel, a junior in the College of Business Administration, will be the new financial vice president.

Stephanie Quade, senior associate dean of student development, announced the university's plans to hold an alcohol summit on March 17 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Quade said the intent of the event is to serve as a "community discussion" of student consumption of alcohol on campus and to address problems with drinking on campus.

The event, which Quade said was deliberately scheduled on St. Patrick's Day, is designed to have events throughout the day so students can drop in as their schedules permit.