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New Music Monday – 10/22/12

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Hey everyone! Now that fall break is over and both classes and programming for Marquette Radio have started up again, I, Gus Knorr, the music director for Marquette Radio, am in the studio for another episode of New Music Monday. Be sure to tune in so you can listen to songs from the most popular albums on the college radio scene today, songs by a couple of bands from Wisconsin, a song by a band which has roots from an Adult Swim TV show, and perhaps most importantly, a new song released by another member of the Marquette Radio staff! That and more will all be tonight on New Music Monday, starting at 7:00 PM.

  • The first song tonight is by one of the highest charting bands on both the CMJ Top 200 music charts, and is also among the most frequently played albums here at Marquette Radio. It’s Animal Collective, and this song, “Today’s Supernatural,” is the first single off their new album, Centipede Hz.
  • Next up is a song by a band that performed in Milwaukee just last night at the Pabst Theater, British indie pop band The xx. Here’s a link to a review of the concert. The next song we’re going to play by The xx is off their new album Coexist, “Angels.”
  • The next song is by a Scottish band who released their debut album last month, namely Django Django (not to be confused with Django Reinhardt), and this song is simply called “Default.”
  • Next is a song by Menomena, an indie rock duo from Portland, Oregon, with “Plumage,” from their new album, Moms.
  • Another new album that has seen frequent play on both Marquette Radio and other college radio stations across the country is The Carpenter, by the Avett Brothers. The next song on New Music Monday is from this album, namely “Live and Die.”
  • Now, we’re going to switch up to a few songs by Milwaukee or Wisconsin based bands. The first one of these is by The Delta Routine, a Milwaukee-based band who will be playing at the Stonefly Brewery in Milwaukee on Wednesday, as part of their 2012 tour. This song, off of their new album Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares, is called “Waste Your Time.”
  • Next up is a song by another Wisconsin-based folk duo, Blessed Feathers, from West Bend, Wisconsin. This band, which formed a few years ago when the two members were working in a restaurant in West Bend, just released their new album, Peaceful Beasts in an Ocean of Weeds, which contains the next song on New Music Monday, “Hey! All You Floridians.”
  • Moving right along, the next song is by rock musician Ty Segall, off of his new album Twins; it’s “Would You Be My Love.”
  • To all those metalheads out there, the next song is by Dethklok, the semi-fictitious band from the Adult Swim program Metalocalypse. This song, off their new album Dethalbum III, a compilation of songs played on the show, is “Crush the Industry.”
  • The final song tonight on New Music Monday is by the very talented Claire Kelly, one of the two assistant music directors for Marquette Radio. As an acoustic singer-songwriter, she recently released her new demo, The Forecast, which can be purchased on iTunes. This song, the first track off the demo, is called “Don’t Get Me Wrong.”

That’s it for New Music Monday tonight, but stay tuned for next week’s episode, hosted by one of my two assistants, next week, on October 29, at 7:00 PM. Thanks for listening!

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