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Everyone needs an escape. With full-time students managing 18 credit hours, homework and jobs, it’s tough getting a break or finding time to relax. I feel like I don’t have enough time to concentrate and enjoy a book because I don’t have enough time to really sit, read and appreciate it. And the whole time I’m feeling guilty about how I should be reading one of my textbooks to catch up on the countless reading assignments I always tend to be a couple weeks behind on completing.

Since my life is so devoted to schoolwork, “work-work” and generally un-fun activities, I need some time to escape. While there’s always the option to unload with weekend (or weekday) partying, I have found a wonderful and wonderfully trashy escape … television.

I escape every Sunday with the delightfully trashy yet lovable cougars from “Desperate Housewives” and everyone’s favorite eerily charming serial killer, “Dexter”. I escape every Monday with the villains from “Heroes,” the privileged teens from “Gossip Girl” and the small-town hotties of “One Tree Hill.” If I feel like drowning in “reality,” Tuesday is for Beverly Hills’ finest on the new “90210” and catching up on a DVR-ed “The Hills”. On Wednesday, I take a break. Thursday brings back another side of New York’s elite with “Ugly Betty,” showcasing some of my favorite journalists in the TV-world magazine industry. Then there’s “Grey’s Anatomy”, where we can escape through crazy sexy Doctor-Nurse-Intern-Patient love triangles, squares, hexagons, etc. and just a whole lot of hospital drama. Finally, on Friday we get USA’s expanded miniseries “The Starter Wife” to round out a week of drama and excitement that we probably don’t get to experience every day in real life.

As you can see, I love dirty, trashy drama, and I’ll be discussing it here every other week. The wonderful creation of the DVR allows me to be a super-involved TV fangirl and I will watch just about anything … without commercials. Send me your thoughts and recommendations and I’ll see what else I can fit into my schedule. For now, I’m working hard to handle a hefty load with almost 10 hours of dedicated TV-watching, and that’s not even counting the weeks when I decide to squeeze in some “Dancing With the Stars,” “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF,” “House,” etc. And just wait until “24” starts up again!

You name it, I’ll watch it. I promise to dedicate myself to providing a college student’s account of weekly television dramas and watching as much TV as humanly possible. But not live TV. That’s so old school.

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