MUSG hires new programming leader

Marquette Student Government has a new program vice president. College of Health Sciences junior Chris Hoff recently filled the executive board position, which requires the planning and organization of entertainment events.

Although Hoff officially took office Feb. 1, current Program Vice President Jess Ripp, a senior in the College of Business Administration, will continue to be involved until his term ends April 15, a rule set by the MUSG constitution.

Ripp said the only event he will not oversee, but which Hoff will orchestrate, is senior week, because Ripp is a senior.

Hoff was previously the commissioner for Late Night, now renamed MUSG After Dark, an MUSG-sponsored program that offers students evening activities.

Hoff's MUSG experience helped him succeed in the two-part approval process, according to MUSG President Timothy Lefeber, College of Health Sciences senior.

Ripp said he remembered working with Hoff as a junior.

"I've seen him in action," Ripp said. "I'm sure that Chris Hoff is more than up to the challenge. He's definitely aware of how things work, and he's got a really good plan."

Hoff is set to organize Mania Week, the first week of the school year where each day has a theme. He said he hopes to revive a homecoming week next year.

In addition to helping plan programs, Hoff said he hopes to hire nine new commission members by next week. The new commissioners will have to meet with existing committee members on and off this semester to discuss past and future program ideas.

Other duties of the program vice president, according to Ripp, include overseeing the entire program board and acting as interim between commissioners and the program adviser. He is expected to keep at least 15 office hours a week and attend MUSG-sponsored programs.

This year, three candidates for program vice president submitted their applications, which were then reviewed by a selection committee.

Off-campus Residential Senator Ryan McKean, a College of Arts & Sciences senior, sat on the committee. He said the decision was difficult because all three candidates had high qualifications, including previous MUSG experience and leadership skills — two highly emphasized criteria.

"Chris really demonstrates both," Lefeber said. "I really feel strongly that Chris will take the program board to a new level."

After the committee interviewed the candidates, the members voted for their choice, which was presented to Senate for a two-thirds vote of final approval.

"It was nice to feel the support is there," Hoff said of the Senate vote Jan. 27.

This article appeared in The Marquette Tribune on Feb. 17 2005.