Campaign phone calls illicit new allegations

According to recent allegations, campaign workers called students campus-wide and asked them to vote for Brant McCartan, a College of Health Sciences junior, and Sara Kandler, a College of Arts & Sciences junior, who ran in the general presidential elections Wednesday.

Daniel Suhr, a College of College of Arts & Sciences sophomore, e-mailed the Marquette Student Government elections coordinator, complaining about receiving several phone calls campaigning for the McCartan-Kandler ticket beginning at 10:15 p.m. Tuesday.

He cited rules against soliciting on page 135 of the student handbook, which state soliciting applies to "advertising, selling, petitioning, campaigning for political candidates, distributing flyers in mailboxes and surveying residence hall students by telephone, mail or in person."

Brad Held, the coordinator and College of Arts & Sciences junior, said the elections committee is investigating the allegation and will follow established procedures to evaluate them.

If brought against the McCartan-Kandler ticket, the allegations must be appealed within 24 hours. Previous allegations against the team regarding over-budgeting delayed the release of results in the primary elections.

Held said he cannot estimate if the new allegations will do the same.

As of press time, the McCartan-Kandler ticket could not be reached for comment.

This article appeared in The Marquette Tribune on Mar. 17 2005.