New MUSG legislative vice president appointed after delay

After a one-week senate deadlock, the position of Marquette Student Government legislative vice president is now filled by a former College of Arts & Sciences academic senator, Declan Glynn.

Glynn, a College of Arts & Sciences junior, took office immediately after a majority of the seated senators approved the appointment Thursday.

The final decision was delayed by a week because no clear majority appeared for either of the two candidates: Glynn and C.J. Hoffman, a College of Engineering sophomore and senator for Schroeder Hall.

Already having presided over the remainder of Thursday's senate session and attending an executive board meeting Friday, Glynn has plenty of issues on his plate that he wants to bite into next year.

He wants to make MUSG more accessible to the students.

"I know in the past it has a stigma of being kind of a closed-minded organization," Glynn said. "I definitely want to try to get more people participating who might not have been participating in the process before."

Glynn plans to encourage present and future senators to reach out to their constituents and be available for any questions they may have.

"I know what problems senators have, especially at the beginning," he said. "There's a learning curve with any new organization."

The 2004-'05 school year marks Glynn's first year as a member of the organization. Prior to MUSG, he held a wing representative position in O'Donnell Hall and served as a Residence Hall Association member on the Straz Hall Council. He now steps up to lead MUSG's legislative branch.

"Basically, my role is to be a source for senators to bang ideas against or to allow them to understand their own projects," Glynn said.

In addition to improving communication within the senate, Glynn said he wants to pursue a possible homecoming and fulfill the platform ideas of MUSG President Alex Hermanny and Executive Vice President Elizabeth Feste, College of Arts & Sciences juniors.

Glynn's predecessor, College of Health Sciences junior Brant McCartan, told all candidates that the legislative vice president should be approachable, open-minded and willing to reach out to senators.

Brent Bray, a former College of Art & Sciences academic senator, worked with Glynn on several projects throughout the year.

"I think he'll flourish," said the Arts & Sciences junior. "He's amazingly dedicated and capable of handling difficult situations."

This article appeared in The Marquette Tribune on April 19 2005.