Hundreds receive TB notices

The Office of Public Affairs sent about 700 letters to inform people that they may have come in contact with a student who was diagnosed with active tuberculosis, as was reported Feb. 10.

The 700 students notified represent approximately 10 percent of the undergraduate population.

The Milwaukee Health Department is providing free tuberculosis tests on campus through Friday, Brigid O'Brien, director of university communication, said.

By Tuesday afternoon, O'Brien said about 312 people had been tested. No new numbers are available yet.

Those who have been tested must return to the Alumni Memorial Union to get their skin tests read after three days.

O'Brien said if some test positive, it does not mean they have the full-fledged disease but their immune systems are reacting to the bacteria. Those individuals have to get a chest X-ray to find out if their case of tuberculosis is active.

Tuberculosis is an airborne bacterium whose symptoms include coughing, chest pain, weakness, weight loss, chills and fever.

This article appeared in The Marquette Tribune on Feb. 24 2005.