Webb gives to Children’s Hospital

George Webb Restaurant served up more than just eggs and pancakes at the campus location's grand opening Wednesday.

Tom Aldridge, owner of Aldridge Incorporation and a George Webb franchisee, doled out a $500 check to Tom Crean, head men's basketball coach, for Children's Memorial Hospital.

According to Aldridge, the money came from his company, Aldridge Incorporation. He said he gave an amount he could afford but wished it could be bigger.

Aldridge said he wanted to donate money to "a favorite charity of Marquette" and thought Children's Memorial would be an appropriate choice because Al's Run, which raises money for the hospital, took place Saturday.

"We were fortunate enough to get Coach Crean here," Aldridge said. "We thought that would be a perfect tie-in because he and his wife are the (grand marshals) for Al's Run now."

Crean accepted the oversized check in front of about 30 faculty members, George Webb associates and students.

He said the check signifies not just a business but also a partnership.

"We're excited about it," Crean said. "I know the only people more excited than our staff (about the restaurant opening) are our players because they utilize this place quite a bit. If I ever need to find them late at night, we'll know where to start."

After receiving the check, Crean gave Aldridge a blue and gold Marquette basketball as a gift from the university.

It is important for a business to give back to its community, said Dave Stamm, president of the George Webb Corporation.

"I think there's an obligation not only from the citizens but from the organizations to be aware of community needs," Stamm said.

The restaurant will be offering special grand opening deals, like 99-cent fries, through Oct. 3. Aldridge said coupons for other fast food bargains are available through Oct. 31.

Although the restaurant chain has no "pet charities," according to Samm, the company has contributed funds to charities like the Hunger Task Force, Toys for Tots and Make a Wish Foundation.

George Webb came to campus after months of discussion and negotiation, said Toby Peters, associate vice president in the Office of Administration.

"We knew we needed a late-night offering for the students as well as a breakfast offering," Peters said. "George Webb fit the mold and we went after George Webb."

Peters described the partnership as a "win-win" situation. While Marquette provides George Webb with patrons, the restaurant gives students meal options and is now giving back to the university as a whole.