Forum raises trademark issues

Marquette Student Government and the Residence Hall Association sponsored two more student forums to discuss the "Golden Eagles" versus "Warriors" debate Thursday and Monday.

The gatherings drew about 40 people total and examined everything from Marquette's traditions to its "Warriors" trademark.

"It's become a thorough open-minded, all inclusive process," said Elizabeth Feste, a College of Arts & Sciences junior and forum participant.

"I'm glad someone remembers the process in 1994," said Dan Maciejewski, a sophomore in the School of Education. "And now everybody gets to give their say."

During Monday's forum participants expressed a variety of views on both sides of the issue.

Marquette could incorporate spirituality into the "Warriors" nickname and reflect the mission statement, according to Paul Van de Sand, a graduate student in the College of Business Administration. He said the "Warriors" name is important to tradition.

Other students said the current nickname is not necessarily representative of Marquette.

Those opposed said eagles are strong and to change back to "Warriors" would be a step backwards.

One American Indian student said the return to "Warriors" may not be well received and mentioned the importance of hearing other American Indians speak on the subject.

"It's a very controversial issue," said Darren Thompson, a College of Arts & Sciences junior. "In order to strike home on this, you have to present both viewpoints."

One student at Thursday's forum said he was curious how the name change in 1994 affected donations of alumni who grew up with the "Warriors" tradition.

There has been no conclusive evidence of donation trends either increasing or decreasing since the nickname change, according to Rana Altenburg, vice president of the office of public affairs and forum moderator.

Donations or no donations, some students strictly favor the "Warriors" athletic nickname.

"I consider myself to be a Warrior," said Kate Ostrowski, a sophomore in the College of Health Sciences.

Ostrowski said she thinks the word "Warriors" evokes more sentiments about bravery and courage than the words "Golden Eagles." She said she hopes for more of a debate or roundtable discussion about this issue.

Other Thursday participants discussed the use of the "Warriors" name and logo on clothing.

Altenburg said the "Warriors" trademark belongs to the university by law, but Marquette has decided not to use it. Those with "Warriors" T-shirts may have gotten them from someone who went to school in the "Warrior" era or may have found a way to put the nickname on a T-shirt without the university's permission.

University President the Rev. Robert A. Wild does not care whether students wear "Warriors" or "Golden Eagles" paraphernalia as long as they cheer for Marquette, Altenburg said.

One student agreed the nickname was not as important as school spirit.

"I firmly believe I'm at Marquette because it's Marquette," Feste said. "To me, it's not important which it is as long as we rally around the university."

The last forum is set to take place Thursday, Dec. 2, at 8 p.m. in Mashuda Hall's second floor ballroom and targets residents from Haggerty, Mashuda, McCormick, O'Donnell and South residence halls.

Taryn Sauer of the Tribune staff contributed to this article