MUSG plans for future of university

Marquette Student Government is set to hold its first meeting at 7:30p.m. Sept. 9 in the Alumni Memorial Union, but MUSG leaders began to set goals for this year long before the first meeting.

Since May, MUSG leaders said they have been assessing issues and problems from previous years and developing goals to improve student government.

Executive president Timothy Lefeber, Health Sciences senior and executive vice president Emily Rostkowski, Arts & Sciences senior said one of their campaign promises has already been fulfilled: a Printwise station in the AMU.

Lefeber and Rostowski plan to improve communication between MUSG and student organizations and communication between residence hall councils and their senators.

"We're going to work on more accountability," Lefeber said.

Lefeber and Rostowski said they are looking for ways to fund three nine-foot kiosks that will display upcoming MUSG events. They also said the new MUSG website will be easier to navigate, with funding applications for student organizations and information about MUSG-sponsored events.

Nicole Garland, senior in the College of Communication is serving her second term as communications vice president. Beyond overseeing publicity functions and informing students of MUSG events, Garland wants to make the MUSG Web site more user-friendly and provide more online resources for students.

"The biggest thing to do this year is to make sure people know what's going on," Garland said.

College of Health Sciences junior Brant McCartan, legislative vice president, said his responsibility is to run the weekly MUSG senate meetings. He hopes to motivate the senators to step up and take charge.

McCartan also said he plans to attend at least one meeting of all 186 student organizations to address what he called the biggest problem between student organizations and MUSG: apathy.

"MUSG has to come out to the students more, rather than they have to come to us," McCartan said.

College of Business Administration senior Daniel LaNuez is the financial vice president. His job is to oversee funding, prepare the yearly operational budget and allocate money to the programming board.

LaNuez said he plans to set new spending limits for the MUSG budget based on fiscal data from the past three years, as well as improve communication with student organizations that request funding from the Student Organization Allocations committee.

"The SOA is the most direct link between MUSG and organizations," LaNuez said. "This particular budget will have the most money available to student organizations of any budget in Marquette's history."

LaNuez said this year 27 percent of the budget is allocated to student organizations. That amount is 2 percent more than what the MUSG constitution calls for.

Program vice president and College of Business Administration senior Jess Ripp was not available for comment.