Pratt, Barrett move on to April face-off

Milwaukee has spoken, and Tom Barrett and acting Mayor Marvin Pratt will battle for an office in City Hall April 6. Claude Krawczyk and Bob Bauman will vie for the vacant 4th district aldermanic seat.

Pratt received 38 percent of Tuesday's vote, and Barrett 33 percent. The third place candidate, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., finished with a distant 17 percent.

"We're very pleased," Barrett said. "We're happy to be in the championship round."

City-elected positions are non-partisan, so Tuesday's vote narrowed the field of 10 candidates down to Pratt and Barrett.

Barrett said he plans to bring his message of change to every community in the city. He felt confident because he "won wards on the north side, the south side, the east side and the west side — really in every part of the city."

He said he will not maintain the status quo in city hall. He feels Milwaukee needs someone with experience, but also a fresh face. Barrett spent years in Washington, D.C., as a congressman representing the district, which includes Marquette.

Congress gave him the experience, but he said he is "not meshed in the city hall culture," which would allow him to bring change.

He said his biggest challenge over the next month and a half is "simply getting people out to vote. That's the main challenge in every election."

Pratt could not be reached for comment.

The 4th district aldermanic race saw closer results — Bauman had 31 percent and Krawczyk had 29 percent of the votes — but it too left the other candidates far behind. The third place candidate, Bob Greene, received 16 percent of the vote. Sally Maddick amassed 10 percent, with the other three candidates not breaking double digits.

"It was awful close," Krawczyk said. "Bob (Bauman) and I both have our work cut out for ourselves." He plans to "get out, knock on doors and meet residents" before the April vote.

Bauman said his biggest strength against Krawczyk is his "intimate knowledge of all areas of the district," having lived both downtown and on the west side.

Krawczyk agreed Bauman knows the west side.

"He seems to have a firm amount of support on the west side," Krawczyk said. He faces the challenge of "convincing the west side that I can represent their interests." For strengths in the race, he said he has "a lot of good people supporting me," and has an "excellent reputation in the community."

Bauman also pointed to efforts he has made to come to Marquette's campus to gain support in the race. He said he's walked around the campus area to knock on doors, and was upset by absentee landlords and code violations at houses in the area.

"I was appalled at the conditions of some of the houses," he said. "And I might add big rents being charged for some of these sub-standard properties."

Bauman said his biggest weakness against Krawczyk is that he has raised less campaign funds than Krawczyk.

The April 6 general election will determine the next mayor and a 4th district alderman.