Broncos buck Eagles, 5-2

The women's tennis team played host to Western Michigan and despite some rearrangements in the lineup lost, 5-2, Saturday, bringing its record to 3-5.

After being disappointed in its doubles performance in the last few matches the team decided to move things around a little. Freshman Dominika Dabrowski joined senior Veronica Garcia Briseno in first doubles, moving up from the three spot. Senior Genevieve Charron moved down from her regular spot in ones and joined senior Eva Trujillo-Herrera in second doubles. Finally, senior Annabelle Espinosa moved from second doubles to third, joining freshman Callan Smith.

"We haven't liked how our doubles teams have responded," head coach Jody Bronson said. "It was actually one of the players who came to me — I have to give them credit — they wanted to try and make the teams more even."

Bronson said that, especially in first doubles, the shifts seemed to work out well.

"For the most part I thought we played better," Bronson said. "We'll evaluate it this week and see how it goes at practice and see if we stay with it or change something else. But it was better."

Although the team's performance was better in doubles, it was still unable to win the point. Garcia Briseno and Dabrowski fell, 9-7, to Western Michigan's Frederika Girsang, who is ranked No. 87 in the latest ITA rankings, and Valeria Stoilova.

Charron and Trujillo-Herrera won the only doubles match for the Golden Eagles, defeating Malaena Remynse and Maelynn Bernosky, 8-6. Smith and Espinosa lost in third doubles to Reedhina Parekh and Carrie Jeanmaire, 8-5.

Going into the meet, Bronson said the biggest challenge was not knowing how the team would respond.

"This was a team we could have been able to beat," Bronson said. "(Losing the doubles point) always changes the mindset going into the singles matches."

Having lost the doubles point the Golden Eagles entered singles play with the disadvantage. Throughout almost all of singles the Broncos held on to the advantage.

Garcia Briseno faced Girsang again, this time in first singles. Girsang came out on top once again, taking the match 6-2, 6-2.

The match in the two spot was the longest of the singles matches. After the second set the match was split between Charron and Parekh, leading it into a tiebreaker. Parekh took the match in the end, winning the tiebreaker, 10-5.

Third singles favored Western Michigan as well. Smith fell to Jeanmaire, 7-6, 6-2.

The Golden Eagles were able to gain some ground on the Broncos in fourth and fifth singles. Trujillo-Herrera edged Stoilova, 6-3, 7-6 in fourth singles. Espinosa won a point for Marquette as well, defeating Remynse 4-6, 6-2, 6-1.

Those would be the only two points Marquette would win, though. In the six spot, freshman Francina Bonnelly lost to Bernosky 6-1, 6-4.

Bronson thought that Saturday's match was one the team could have won.

"We almost had three singles matches," Bronson said. "It was definitely a winnable match.

"We're trying to get over this hurdle of winning matches that are winnable. We have to change our mindset when we come to practice. We have to get more mad that we loose and we want to be mad enough to change it. Just try and approach it a little differently."

The team will take on No. 36 Indiana at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the Helfaer Tennis Stadium.