More Than a Feeling

After spending another spring break in cold, snowy weather (no, I don't mean skiing in Aspen), I can't seem to get out of this funk I was in three weeks ago. Despite the hardly tropical weather, those dumbasses are still wearing shorts, and flip-flops, too. Flip flops! Sigh.

Mid terms are over, I had a week off of school, but this weather just isn't making me "think spring." Thus, I thought I'd take this opportunity to point out a few other sure signs that say despite the cold, spring is just around the corner.

For example, the black snow has melted and the grass is a slightly brighter shade of brown. Spring also brings more student activities: Intramural softball, MUSG elections (side note: for everyone who wanted to vote for me, I'm terribly sorry but I had trouble finding enough signatures for my nomination papers) and frisbee on the AMU lawn. Speaking of activities, soon the weather will be warm enough for me to sleep with the window open, and then the sounds of drunks after hours will be even more audible. Although this is usually annoying, this year I won't complain as much.

Another sure sign of spring is that I no longer walk home in the dark after my late classes. Longer days means we are close to the end of winter, which means warmer weather is just around the corner. I haven't seen the first robin yet, but I did see a rat sneaking around the dumpster outside, which is the big city equivalent.

Another sure sign that winter is fading fast is that my favorite sitcoms are on hiatus until May sweeps. This time of year is perfect to catch up on all of those crappy, meaningless plot lines, or to just not watch TV, but that would be horrible.

The changing seasons also means that with any luck I'll be able to find a great winter sweater marked down 80 percent at any fine clothing store, and Easter is coming up, so those great Jesus documentaries are playing on the History Channel. And 'tis the season to listen to "Jesus Christ Superstar." Nothing says spring like my favorite Easter rituals! Praise the Lord!

Signs of spring abound in the sporting world, too: Tom Crean left a very detailed message on my voice mail as to how I could get a free ticket to a tournament game. I think he dialed the wrong number, but the onset of March Madness is a sure sign the dark days of winter are nearly through. Spring also brings baseball season, which is great because baseball is the one sport I can actually tolerate. I've been a Brewer's fan since I was born on game four of the '82 World Series and now, 21 years later, I'm finally old enough to really appreciate the game — and by that I mean with beer.

Yes, it looks as though the winter blahs are fading fast. Winter seemed exceptionally bitter this year, but it's coming to an end, and I for one cannot wait for all the glorious things that the season of spring brings: Liene's Berry Weiss, Marshmallow Peeps and the final episode of "Friends." This is going to be the best spring ever!