‘Life issues’ include politics

I know this section of the Tribune is largely based on one's own opinion and that's fine. But here is where I feel Gosz crossed the line from a point of view to plain ignorance. It is her argument that more students on this campus care about MTV issues. Well, I am writing this Viewpoint to take Gosz up on her bet that students are more concerned with what's going on in the country today, as opposed to music, fashion and pop culture.

Granted I don't speak for everyone on this campus and I am well aware there are students that prefer "Access Hollywood" to "Cross Fire." But it is my contention that students here care more about what's going on 10,000 miles away in Iraq than 2,000 miles away in Hollywood. I am not so sure Gosz is in touch with what takes precedence with the students at Marquette. I know People Magazine's sales are high, but I don't think the issues you find in those gossip magazines take real precedence to what's going on in the world right now.

Things have changed since the 1990s, even though we are only four years removed. There is a new passion in politics in this country since the highly contested 2000 presidential election and students are at the forefront of that passion. Since 9/11 there is more attention is given to what goes on in countries that before three years ago we didn't even know existed. And I don't mean politicians pay more attention, but us as a society (including us college kids). For example, Marquette hosted a Democratic nominee debate this year and the streets were filled with supports of both Democratic candidates as well as Republican supporters for President Bush. A panel of Marquette professors spoke afterward in the Weasler Auditorium and all commented on how surprised they were to see so many students participated.

I am an avid reader of Viewpoints in the Tribune, and I can't recall the last submission pertaining to what Gosz identified as "life issues" (music, movies and pop culture). What I have noticed is a steady flow of Viewpoints concerning political issues. Almost every issue has Viewpoints concerning to a political issue in the world. Students will continue to write such Viewpoints because these are the issues that matter most to students. I'm not saying this section of the paper should be re-named to "Viewpoints on political issues." You are perfectly entitled to write about whatever you want. But I think it is ignorant to think that Gosz's "life issues" take precedence over political issues for students here at Marquette.

I recognize that I'm only one person, but I find the political articles most interesting. I am a Democrat, but I still want to hear what Republicans think too. What's great about this section is one can get more of a feel for where other people are coming from. I find what other people have to say about real issues to be really intriguing, some articles have even changed the way I approach such issues.

Gosz is probably right that her political opinions aren't going to change the world, and probably nor will mine. But I believe we all can play a role in shaping how we as a society move forward and Gosz has a unique opportunity, as a writer, to contribute.

Murphy is a junior history major.

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