Barrett wins election for Milwaukee mayor

Milwaukee has spoken, and Tom Barrett will be its next mayor.

Barrett beat acting Mayor Marvin Pratt with a little over 53 percent of the vote. All newly elected city officials will be sworn in April 20.

"This was a spirited and tough campaign," Barrett wrote to voters on his Web site. "In many ways, campaigns are about division and differences. But governing — and good government — is about unity and the creation of a unified vision to move the city forward. Throughout this campaign, Marvin (Pratt) and I agreed that a unified Milwaukee is (the) most important result from this campaign."

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Barrett said he would work closely on race relation issues in Milwaukee. Pratt would have been Milwaukee's first elected black mayor.

Pratt's Web site did not provide information about his plans after Barrett is inaugurated. Pratt could not be reached for comment.

Voter turnout was up over six percent for the April 6 general election from the Feb. 17 primary.

Other election winners included incumbent Scott Walker for Milwaukee County executive, Bob Bauman for the fourth aldermanic district and Joan Kessler over incumbent judge Charles Schudson in the District 1 Court of Appeals race.