More Than a Feeling

Last week's beautiful weather made me think about one thing: summer vacation. Yeah, I know we still have another week of classes, but it's hard to think about that when it's 80 degrees outside. Screw school work! I started making plans for the summer.

I have a friend (and fellow columnist) who recently bought a "Milwaukee Sucks" T-shirt because he hates it here. A lot of students do. But for those of you who dislike Milwaukee, have you ever stuck around for the summer? Milwaukee waits until students leave to start not sucking, which is unfortunate because you're missing out!

The first thing I did to ensure my summer would be awesome was buy a ticket to see Prince (the greatest musician of our generation) performing with the New Power Generation on the first day of Summerfest. For those of you who have never experienced Summerfest, you should. It's an 11-day musical extravaganza that takes place along the shores of Lake Michigan, featuring 13 stages that offer live music all day and night.

Now, this year's headliners aren't the greatest. I wouldn't pay to see Kenny Chesney, Uncle Kracker, Tim McGraw, John Mayer or Nickelback. Britney and Christina are both performing which means the festival will also serve as a venue for Skankapalooza. However, I still believe Summerfest is the greatest music festival in the Midwest.

Concerts not your thing? The Summerfest grounds also host a vast array of ethnic festivals. Or maybe you like going to the beach? Well, forget about that ocean vacation! Have you ever purified yourself in Lake Michigan?

Another great Milwaukee summer pastime is going to a ballgame. Alright, so everyone knows the Brewers are to baseball what William Hung is to music, but did you ever think about how that can be a good thing? For example, it's more fun to get wasted at a ballgame when you know it's not going to be very exciting. I suggest doing that in the parking lot, because beer in the stadium is overpriced.

Maybe you don't like baseball? Well, the Milwaukee County Zoo is one of the top 10 zoos in the country. They have a bunch of cool animals. The last time I was there I saw Dustin Diamond. Yes, I saw "Screech" at the zoo! He lives in Milwaukee part time, did you know that? If none of the aforementioned activities interest you, you could run around and stalk Screech all summer. How great would that be (if you don't get arrested)?

See! Milwaukee doesn't suck! It just sucks for three-quarters of the year, and it really comes alive when you all leave! For those of you who are hanging around for the summer, lucky you. If you're going home, just remember that when your parents start to bug you and your high school friends are lame that you could have stayed in Milwaukee to experience the most wonderful time of the year.

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