More Than a Feeling

In response to Elena Wolfe's April 27 Viewpoint "Columnists draw ire from student" by Elena Wolfe: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, John Stuart Mill, Jeremy Bentham and my personal favorite, Friedrich Nietzsche. I believe that's seven, and there's more where that came from. And since when does Marquette have an art major? I guess you can learn something from every Viewpoint — even Viewpoints that are ill-informed character attacks which give you nothing but a good laugh.

Anyway, I was at the grocery store earlier this week and I saw the latest issue of People, and guess who was gracing the cover? The same tween queens who inspired my very first column: The Olsen Twins. Back then they were featured in Rolling Stone. Although they hadn't completely disappeared, I never thought about them until I saw the current issue of People. It seems like everything is coming full circle. Thus, I thought it was fitting that I should take a journey through the 2003-04 academic year in the form of a thumbs up/thumbs down review.

First of all, thumbs up to our readers, and thumbs way up to those of you who took the time to write Viewpoints, especially the College Republicans. You guys pretty much killed my career as a political writer by pouncing on Bob Mate three minutes after you read any of his leftist columns. Your dedication is unmatched by any other student group we may have offended this year.

On that note, thumbs down to the student athletes who decided to attack me after I wrote a column insinuating that all students involved in any extra-curricular activity work extremely hard to succeed at everything in which they participate. Although I believe funds may be unevenly distributed, I don't value athletes any more than actors or actors any more than members of student government.

Thumbs up to people who continue to download music and thumbs down to the recording industry, which continues to sue people in a pathetic attempt to "make an example." The answer to their plight is simple: Release better music at a more affordable price and consumers will buy it.

Finally, thumbs up for so-called "life issues." Although my column may not be controversial, I take comfort in the fact that people are reading. If there's one thing I've learned in my first year of writing a column, it's that everyone has a voice. Even though you may not like what they say, you have to listen — or at least pretend to listen. Everyone, no matter how wrong we think they are, is entitled to an opinion. Thumbs up to that.

Alright, now that I've gone all Siskel and Ebert on you, I'll wrap this up: Study hard for finals and have a great summer. Oh, and for those of you who were waiting for the OK, I'm going to make it official: You have my permission to wear shorts.

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