Trey Anastasio: Seis De Mayo

For musicians who aren't Trey Anastasio, co-founding and leading a successful group (Phish) to the jam band throne and earning a reputation as an imaginative guitar virtuoso would suffice as career accomplishments.

Anastasio, though, isn't a fan of simply resting on his creative laurels.

On Seis De Mayo, the bespectacled Phish frontman stretches into the classical and orchestral territory he's always wanted to attempt with seven of his own arrangements.

Anastasio only appears on two of the tracks and serves as conductor and arranger more than performer on the entirely instrumental compositions. To Anastasio's credit, Seis contains some gorgeous pieces. One of those, Phish fan favorite "Guyute," sounds purer performed by a 66-piece orchestra than it does coming from the band.

The rest of Seis is far from perfect. "All Things Considered" grates, "The Inlaw Josie Wales" bears little difference from the Farmhouse rendition, and other tracks, like "Coming To," fail to reach their potential.

At only 29 minutes long, "Guyute" taking up 12 of them, only diehard Phish fans need apply for this one.

Grade: CD