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A new position has been created in Marquette’s graduate school to oversee research.

This new position attends to the former responsibilities of the graduate school dean, Griffiths said.

“This position continues the academic restructuring at Marquette that began with the change to the Provost model of governance a little over a year ago,” said the Rev. Michael Class, associate dean of the graduate school.

The transformation, starting in the 1960s, has turned universities from institutions solely focusing on undergraduate educations and a few professional masters’ programs into research facilities, according to Class.

Griffiths spent the last 22 years at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Ill., in varying positions. He most recently served as vice provost for research and dean of the graduate school at Northern Illinois. He specializes in radiation biology, aging, physiology and molecular biology of vision, and has held faculty appointments at several universities.

The faculty and staff of Marquette played a large role in attracting Griffiths to this position.

“I was very excited to come here,” Griffiths said. “The faculty is very supportive and they made me feel at home here. I’m glad for the opportunity to be here.”

Griffiths, who recently relocated to Milwaukee, said he has a fondness toward Milwaukee and Wisconsin because his extended family lives in the state.

Griffiths’ peers think he will work well in the new position.

“Dr. Griffiths will be a tremendous addition to the Marquette community,” Provost Madeline Wake said. “His experience in research and grant funding will prove very valuable as we continue to advance such efforts here at Marquette.”

Class also said the community will appreciate his skills.

“I’ve enjoyed working with him this past month,” Class said. He’s a man of vision and energy.”

Class said Griffiths’ experience as a professor, a scientist and an administrator gave him the skills that Marquette was looking for to continue improving as a research university.

While much of Griffiths’ job will be in research and funding for the graduate school, he said he doesn’t dismiss the mission that brought him here.

“It’s important to realize that research and teaching are integral; they feed and support each other,” Griffiths said. “Marquette stands true to this vision. And I feel that research should begin at the undergraduate level and increase at the graduate level.”

Griffiths also wants to focus on resources available for graduate students.

“I want to increase the levels of funding and help students apply for funds,” Griffiths said. “Also, I want to increase in diversity in the graduate student body. I believe that we just need to be present and let them know we’re here for them.”

Overall, Griffiths’ goal remains to immerse himself at Marquette.

“I want to understand Marquette better and work with various departments, advisers and faculty and directors,” Griffiths said. “My job will to identify the strengths and increase the external support for faculty and students at the university.”,”Rikida N. Starace”

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