Ford Foundation for minorities

Katie Hinderer

Powless is an Oneida Native American and the first Marquette student to win this fellowship, said Daniel Griffiths, vice provost for Research and Graduate Programs.

“It feels fantastic to win the Ford Foundation Fellowship,” Powless said of his third attempt at the award.

Powless received the award after receiving an honorable mention last year.

“It is really nice to know that I was one of 60 recipients out of hundreds of applicants,” Powless said. “I feel that my hard work in applying paid off, and I feel that my academic and research interests are validated by receiving this highly competitive award.”

Powless is attempting to complete his Ph.D. in clinical psychology with an emphasis in memory research, Griffiths said.

According to the foundation’s Web site, fellowships are awarded to “individuals who demonstrated superior scholarship and showed greatest promise for future achievements as scholars, researchers and teachers in institutions of higher education.”

To be considered for the fellowship, Powless prepared his application in early November last year. He wrote five essays with strict length requirements. The essays varied in topic but included Powless’ academic and research plan, as well as his future goals. In addition he needed to submit four letters of recommendation, his grades and GRE scores, Powless said.

A panel of scientists appointed by the National Research Council reviews the applications, Griffiths said. The council is part of the National Academy of Sciences.

Griffiths said the fellowship is extremely competitive, though he is unsure of the number of applicants.

The fellowship will pay for Powless’ tuition, as well as give him a monthly stipend for three years.

“This fellowship will allow me to continue to pursue my academic and research interests without worrying about having to apply for funding every year, and without having to worry if funding will be available every year,” Powless said.

Powless is also invited to attend the annual Ford Fellows conference. For this, he will get an all expenses paid trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico.