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The campaign "is a creative tool in a multifaceted effort to reduce violence against women," said Dr. Wendy Close, a psychologist in the Counseling Center.

"This kind of came out of the idea that alcohol is often a factor in sexual violence," said senior Kenna Bolton, a student peer educator for the Counseling Center. "We wanted to get a positive message out into the bars where a lot of the sexual violence begins."

Education is also part of the campaign and PPA hopes the coasters will serve as a method of educating the community.

According to Bolton, Miller Brewing was chosen to help fund the project because of a combination of funds and company ideology.

"We knew we'd need somebody to actually pay for the coasters," Bolton said. "We immediately thought of Miller, and they also have a Live Responsibly campaign and work with the Milwaukee Women's Center."

The coaster, which reads, "Asking for consent is sexy," lists the phone number for the National Sexual Assault Hotline in addition to Miller's Live Responsibly logo.

According to Miller's corporate community affairs intern Emalie Fletcher, Miller and service groups considered a number of designs before reaching a final decision.

"PPA approached Miller with a number of comps," Fletcher said. "Together, we evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of each design … The overwhelmingly positive response was for the final design selected."

The Women's Center also had a hand in final approval of the design.

"We are enthusiastic in our support of the creative, non-threatening and humorous coaster design," said Laura Kerecman of the Milwaukee Women's Center.

Fletcher said Miller Bewing also supports the motivation for the design.

"Miller firmly believes the students involved in the project have the ambition to successfully complete the project," Fletcher said.

The coasters were passed out in time for the rush put on local bars due to Harley-Davidson's 100th anniversary.

They were distributed to local bars such as Hegarty's Glocca Morra, 1720 W. Clybourn St. and Angelo's, 1601 W. Wells St., in addition to eastside establishments The Up and Under Pub, 1216 E. Brady; Jo Cat's Pub, 1311 E. Brady; Hooligan's Super Bar, 201 E. North Ave. and downtown's Miller Time Pub, 509 W. Wisconsin Ave.,

The coasters have brought conflicting opinions among bar owners.

"I would imagine that people do look at them so hopefully they will be effective," said Joe Hegarty, owner of Hegarty's Glocca Morra.

However, Mike Kostal, owner of the Up and Under Pub, disagreed.

"If you want to be depressed, watch the news." Kostal said. "They come in here to have fun. We put them out, but I don't think people look at them. People have one drink on them, they get wet and we throw them away."

"I don't think it's going to get the point across, but it's a nice idea which I think is wonderful," Kostal said.

However, Fletcher remained confident in the effectiveness of the coasters.

"Miller believes this aspect of the campaign will be effective because the message is delivered in a casual atmosphere, which invites students to discuss the issue in an open manner," Fletcher said.

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