Zimpher exits, search ensues

Stu Thomas

The process of interviewing and narrowing the candidates will be similar to that of the 1998 search for a chancellor that brought Zimpher to UWM.

“The search process that led to the hiring of Chancellor Zimpher worked well and benefited the campus, the UW System, Milwaukee and Wisconsin, and we don’t anticipate any changes,” Christianson said.

Some groups, however, advocate a need for change in search policy. Andrew Cantrell, staff organizer for the Association of University of Wisconsin Professionals, emphasizes the need for more voices in the selection process.

According to Cantrell, graduate students, UW employees, union leaders and “grassroots” members of the community should have a say in who will lead the university.

“In keeping with tradition of the Milwaukee Idea, it is important that the selection process include those members of the university community who may not have a voice,” Cantrell said.

The “Milwaukee Idea,” implemented while Zimpher was chancellor, is UWM’s commitment to a university-community relationship that stresses the influence each has on the other and the need for interaction.

As the search for a permanent chancellor begins, Dr. Bob Greenstreet, Dean of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, has stepped in as interim chancellor. He believes the community will be well represented by the search and screen committee.

“The committee is constructed to give as much representation as possible to all groups involved,” Greenstreet said. “There has always been a healthy debate as to the final mix.”

Greenstreet is excited about student representation on the committee, which includes representatives from the general student body and student government. “I was on the last search and screen committee for chancellor, and the student members were incredibly helpful in finding and selecting Nancy Zimpher,” he said. “Our current student government has some excellent leaders, and I am confident that they will do a great job this time as well.”

Once appointed, the committee will move rapidly, and it is likely members will have selected a new chancellor by early next year. It is too early in the process to speculate who will be considered for the position, he said.