Cafeteria can’t replace Church

Everyone who knows me would likely agree that I’m not a very outspoken individual. Heck, the only detention I ever had was for not talking during a study hall. However, after reading the column by Marianne Gosz last Thursday I felt compelled to say something.

Both of these were big issues, but the biggest issue I had with the article was the idea of “cafeteria Catholicism,” which is not Catholicism at all. If people pick and choose what they wish to believe and puts that into the mouth of God, then they are stating that their beliefs are above God’s. In effect, they are imposing their beliefs on God and thus creating God in their own image. It doesn’t work that way. We don’t have to see eye to eye on every issue, but just to say that a difference of opinion means God is wrong or that we should discard the rule is foolish.

Anyway, since many of the liberals in this section think that Church teachings are far too outdated for the modern era and must be replaced by modern, politically correct beliefs such as their own, I thought I’d give you guys a start on replacing the Ten Commandments.

1. Thou shall not say/believe anything that offends another.

2. Intolerance shall not be tolerated (reminds me of a certain South Park episode).

… 10. Thou shall disobey the previous commandments if you decide you do not wish to follow them.

Melbye is a sophomore exercise science and physical therapy major.