New apartments built off campus

Tim Horneman

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“I’m happy to have a building of this quality,” said Schulhof, who is also the landlord of all apartments his company owns. He said the building, which has been retitled the “Westgate,” is being extensively renovated and will then be open for rentals. The building will have 36 studio and one-bedroom apartments, available to Marquette students.

Part of the reason Schulhof purchased the building was its location. The neighborhood around the building, which was not very developed for many years, has vastly improved over the last few years, he said.

“The neighborhood around the building hadn’t been real desirable, but now that area has really taken off,” Schulhof said. “With Marquette improving a lot of buildings in the last few years, from Mashuda (Hall) to the Dental School, the area is now well-traveled.”

Schulhof said he has set a price of $425 to $525 per month for rent, and all leases are for one year. The apartments are open for rental to the public. Marquette students do not receive any preferential treatment, but they take up nearly all the apartments he rents out, Schulhof said.

Schulhof’s family has had a long history with Marquette. His father owned a property management firm, Campus Partners, which also owned property around Marquette, and Schulhof has continued his father’s work with his own company since the late 1990s, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal.

Stacie Dooley, off-campus student coordinator, said Schulhof was good at creating an area in which students wanted to live and was highly regarded by students. She said there really was no need for the apartments, since many of the off-campus landlords reported openings. However, she complimented his work, and said she hoped his work would encourage more students to move out of dormitories after sophomore year.

“He does a nice job renovating his properties,” Dooley said. “They look really good, and the students are happy.”

She said that Schulhof always ensured that even amenities such as refrigerators would be provided.

Schulhof Property’s other buildings include the Ardmore at 711 N. 16th St., the Abode at 831 N. 16th St., and the Monte Cristo at 1722 W. Wells St. In most other buildings Schulhof owns, he renovated the complexes before opening them again, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal.

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