In Shakespearean fashion, women prevail

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The Golden Eagles came out hot early, running out to a 12-1 lead in the first three minutes of the game, and never really looked back. Marquette held the lead for the rest of the afternoon.

However, Marquette did not play very clean basketball, committing 26 turnovers and 26 fouls over the course of the game.

“Obviously we weren’t being aggressive and we weren’t getting fouls called, and (Wisconsin was) sitting in the zone and we didn’t attack them and that was our fault,” Mitchell said.

“We get hyped up, and I want them to be aggressive, and I want them to play physical,” she said. “And I think what you saw was us learning how to take our physical play and adjust to the officials. And we didn’t adjust too well, but at the same time I don’t want them to stop. I don’t want them to stop playing hard, and you know, right now, I’ll take the fouls.”

Mitchell was impressed with Shouse’s performance, and felt that it bodes well for her plan to play the center with three different players — Shouse, freshman Christina Quaye and junior transfer Monica Frede.

“I think Sarah’s improved a lot,” Mitchell said. “The type of game Sarah was playing today, under normal circumstances, she would’ve been out there a lot longer to stay in that rhythm. But it’s important that we see all three of them. They all play a little differently.

“All three of them want to be out on the court, they’re all going to fight for that time. Practice has been extremely competitive and it’s good to see Sarah step up,” she said.

Shouse agreed with her coach about the plan for center this year.

“We all have our own strengths, and with the different teams in Conference USA, and how they’re all different, I think it’ll work out good,” Shouse said.

Anna DeForge led Wisconsin AAU with 27 points. The Golden Eagles also had the opportunity to share the court with Nancy Lieberman, considered a legend within women’s basketball circles. The 45-year-old started at guard for the Wisconsin AAU team and scored eight points.

“Nancy is a legend in basketball,” Mitchell said. “She understands the game, and she loves the game.”

“It was kind of weird, actually, because you grew up watching her,” said sophomore guard Carolyn Kieger. “So it was kind of cool.”

Schwerman was also impressed by the experience.

“You hear about her,” Schwerman said. “Her name’s out there. She’s one of the great players. And just to get out there and compete against her, it was fun.”

“I’m obviously the youngest player on the team,” Lieberman joked. “I’m out here because I love the game. I’m 45, and if any of those kids want to play when they’re 45, all they have to do is look at me. I hope it shows that I love the game.

“It’s just fun for me. I’m not out there to show anybody up, I’m not interested in being a superstar. The game is about her,” she said, pointing to De Forge, “and the kids at Marquette.”

Lieberman offered her opinion on Marquette’s team.

“I think that this is a very talented team,” she said. “They’re small, but they’re quick. Their post can move. They run a lot of stuff through their post. If they can get in transition the way they do, and find their shooters, it’s hard, because they do a great job getting in the lane. They’re physical. They’re very well-coached. Terri knows what she’s doing.”

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