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Parking to expand by ’04

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This story is the fourth and last in a series examining parking on Marquette’s campus. The series ran on alternating Thursdays.

Marquette could solve some of its parking woes with the opening of a new parking structure in the fall of 2004.

The capacity of the new structure will be 1,083 vehicles and it will provide the campus with some additional parking, according to Todd Vicker, executive director of auxiliary services. The structure is now under construction at North 13th and West Wells streets.

Marquette will be losing Lot M, located on the corner of West Clybourn and North 11th streets, in May of 2004 due to the Marquette Interchange reconstruction project. Lot M currently holds approximately 718 cars.

Parking rates for the 2004-’05 academic year have not been finalized, but according to Vicker, all permit holders can expect an increase that will help cover the debt associated with the new structure.

The structure will cost $12.8 million and is being financed as a bonded project, according to Ben Tracy, director of university communication. The university will pay for the project itself through issuing bonds. None of the donations to the construction projects will be used to pay for the structure.

Amalia Antao, a junior, currently parks off-campus but is considering parking on campus next year.

“I would like to (park on campus), but it depends on the prices,” Antao said.

According to Vicker, the “potential” parking rates for the upcoming year will be between $215 to $255 for commuters and $334 to $375 for 24-hour parking. These rates are for one semester.

“The rate increase for permits will cover all parking costs including the new structure,” Vicker said.

Antao believes the deciding factor in whether she parks on campus is financially based.

“I am thinking about getting a city permit,” Antao said. “It’s cheaper than parking here. It’s more reasonable for me.”

Permits for the new structure will be sold in a “first-come, first-served” basis, beginning with the junior and senior classes, followed by sophomores and freshmen, according to Vicker. The process will be the same as it had been in previous years.

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