Sports Check with Brianna Dahm

Tribune: Did you know that the women’s cross country team is the most dominant team in all of Conference USA in any given sport with the sixth title you won this year?

Dahm: No I didn’t. That’s impressive. Our coach has made our program a successful one. Our team works hard. That gives us a lot of confidence going into a tournament knowing we won before.

Tribune: You made the all-conference second team, do you think you should have made first this year?

Dahm: I think if I wasn’t inured this summer then I would be on the first team.

Tribune: How frustrating was it to sit out an entire season? (Dahm suffered a stress fracture to her lower right leg in her junior year.)

Dahm: It was very frustrating. My teammates included me in everything. You know, you’re with them all the time. (The other injured runners) drove to a lot of the meets. It was hard seeing my teammates out there and people I ran against last year knowing I can beat them. It gave me motivation for this year and next year. (Dahm has one more year of eligibility left.)

Tribune: You’ve won a number of awards at Marquette, Freshman of the Year in 2000, all-conference selections, conference MVP. How many trophies do you have at home?

Dahm: (laughs) I don’t have any trophies but they give a lot of plaques. Honestly, I have no idea (how many). My mom takes them home.

Tribune: How about the number of running shoes you have at home?

Dahm: (laughs again) Uh … I have four pairs in my locker alone, four or five pair in my closet. I go through a pair every three months.

Tribune: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Dahm: I don’t really have any spare time. I do volunteer work or hang out with the people on the team. I do Noon Run and random service projects.

Tribune: When you get down toward the last stretch, and you’re dead tired, what goes through your mind?

Dahm: The fact that if I run faster it’ll be over or if I can pass people. Every person you beat is a point and it counts to help my team win.

Tribune: Can you remember your best performance?

Dahm: Probably sophomore year in the NCAA Regional. I finished sixth. It’s a huge meet and I finished sixth. If the team would have qualified I would have made the nationals individually.

Tribune: What is your major?

Dahm: Criminology and psychology with a minor in business.

Tribune: Is it hard balancing school and cross country?

Dahm: Actually, it helps me. We have to manage our time better. If I didn’t have practice, I would waste time and get a lot less done.

Tribune: Why cross country?

Dahm: I don’t know. I’ve been running since the six grade. It was a lot of fun. I have always had great teammates. I’ve always had success with it.

Tribune: With all of the school and conference records you have made and broken, how do you want to be remembered when you graduate?

Dahm: I guess as a good teammate. As someone who encouraged others. Someone who added something to the team. That would be a lot more important to me than being remembered as the fastest.