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John Heiderscheidt

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Junior Katy Rose, a member of the group trying to form VOXX, believes Planned Parenthood has been unfairly stigmatized.

“I really feel Planned Parenthood has a negative connotation to it,” she said. “Most people view it negatively just because they feel it is only about abortion. The point of Planned Parenthood is to raise awareness among college students and help them make educated decisions. It’s not just about abortion. It is about providing a very effective way to provide family planning to the students.”

The application was made by Rose and sophomore Meagan Pulia. After having spoken with several students Rose and Pulia felt there was a need for such a program at Marquette.

“Marquette is simply not doing enough about educating students today,” said junior Elizabeth Howard, one of the students Rose and Pulia spoke to.

“The times are changing,” Howard said. “This is not the 1950s anymore. We should be able to talk about unwanted pregnancies now. We need to get more vocal on the subject.

“While I do realize the obligations of Marquette to its Catholic and Jesuit traditions I feel their views on Planned Parenthood are outdated. I believe that the social need and implication of such a program far surpass those of the school, which is forcing their religious beliefs on the students.”

The Catholic Church is opposed to Planned Parenthood due to the perception that it takes away from the sacredness of human sexuality, according to the Rev. Will Prospero, assistant director of University Ministry.

Prospero said it differs with the Church’s belief that life begins at conception whereas Planned Parenthood views abortion as a possible form of contraception.

The Church believes that, with faith, people can abstain from sexual activity outside marriage, according to Prospero.

“I do not think the Catholic Church has been vocal enough about issues regarding sexuality,” Prospero said. “However the truth about the sacredness of human sexuality is the same. Living that truth will make us truly happy, and elicit sexual behavior cannot make us truly happy. It may be immediately gratifying but it will not make us happy in the long run.”

The issue is a hotly debated topic, drawing varying opinions from students.

“I have a friend that Planned Parenthood helped,” said freshman Dan Gonzalez.

“But as a deeply religious Catholic I also understand the Vatican’s perspective on the issue.”

Freshman Nicole Lattazio believes implementing a Planned Parenthood program at Marquette is a good idea.

“It would make sure people are informed about making safe choices here on campus,” Lattanzio said.

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