Pepsi priced unfairly

I am somewhat embarrassed that a $0.64 issue is finally driving me to take out the pen and rant in The Marquette Tribune. It’s a little annoyance but, luckily, it has a very simple solution, so we can use this as a test to see how quickly the administration responds to simple student requests.

On Wednesday evening, after checking my e-mail on one of the computers in the new $55 million Raynor Library, I was on my way to the old library (where people leave their swishy pants at home and do not answer their cell phones every five seconds) to get some work done. I stopped briefly before entering the Brew on the Bridge and grabbed a dollar out of my wallet to get a Diet Pepsi from the machine in the bridge area. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the vending machine was hidden and locked up behind a wall.

I wandered around looking confused for a bit before I ran into a Raynor regular who informed me that the pop machines were locked up when the Brew on the Bridge was open but then politely directed me to the refrigerated case which held the same bottles of pop. I picked up a bottle of Pepsi but quickly put it down when I noticed the price of $1.59 — with tax, that comes out to $1.64. I was appalled and very annoyed at this seemingly little thing.

Paying over $20,000 to attend this fine Jesuit university is not enough — the school also has to rip off the students on little things like pop? I was quick to notice that the powers-that-be remembered to leave the ATM machine out for everyone withdrawing money so the three dollar coffee drinks and overpriced juice could keep flowing.

I know this is not the end of the world. However, it is a simple injustice that is rectifiable by pulling up that wall and allowing thirsty students to get a 20-ounce bottle of their Pepsi product of choice for a dollar or simply bringing the price of the bottles in the refrigerator case down to a dollar. Allow me to use a Marquette-ism as I urge the beverage decision makers here to “be the difference” and begin watching out for the students.

Berg is a senior journalism major.