Letter to the Editor

After an athlete or coach signs a large contract, it's easy to list reasons why he or she might not deserve the money. I was therefore not entirely surprised to read your editorial ripping Tom Crean's new contract extension.

Common sense, however, says that Marquette is right to do everything possible to keep Crean here. He took over a struggling program and helped push it back into the national forefront. This year, he heads a squad that many believe to be one of top 20 in the nation.

To compare Crean's situation with Tom Izzo's is ridiculous. Izzo inherited a basketball powerhouse at Michigan State, while Crean revived a program that hadn't succeeded in years.

One must also consider that basketball is the sole source of athletic revenue at Marquette and therefore a much bigger investment. Saying that Crean owes his success to Dwyane Wade is equally absurd. Having marquee players like Wade and now Dominic James is only a testament to his ability as a recruiter.

Marquette is lucky Crean hasn't already been lured by other bigger name programs (he was reportedly on the short list at both Ohio State and Indiana) and should feel good about securing such a vibrant, successful coach for the next 10 years.

Joey Glass is a freshman in the College of Communication.