mtvU gives ‘Woodies’ to breakthrough bands

What makes the Woodies unique is that college students decide the fate of these awards. Most of the bands are either on independent labels or just breaking through. The point behind the Woodies is that the winners will soon be big name bands on mtvU's older brother station MTV.

Previous winners James Blunt, Fall Out Boy and Matisyahu are all proof that success at the Woodies Awards equates to selling records.

Entering its third year of existence, the Woodies are sure to generate one of this year's buzz bands.

The Tribune had a chance to talk with two of the nominees: Foxy female singer Leslie "Feist" who is up for best video ("Mushaboom") and the pop-punk band Cartel up for Best Touring Band. There is still time to cast your vote for the nominees by going to Tune in Nov. 2 at 7:00 p.m. on mtvU (Channel 99 in the dorms) to watch the show.