Louisville 84, Marquette 71: Quotes and Notes

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Buzz Williams

On what went wrong…

“I really did a bad job. If your team has 26 turnovers, which is the most during my tenure as head coach, and if your team allows 26 offensive rebounds, which is the most it’s allowed since I’ve been the head coach, it’s on the head coach.”

“It wasn’t just Junior. Junior is our primary ball handler, but every player that played more than three minutes had a turnover.”

On Louisville’s style…

“That’s what they feed off of is points from their pressure, points from transition, points off offensive rebounds. I’m not sure they’ve had a better meal all year long than what we served them tonight.”

On if they’ll change anything…

“I don’t think we’ll make any adjustments. It’s ground hog day every day with them. We’re fortunate that our body of work allows us to play another game, but from this point, when you lose, you go home, and you don’t get to play again until next November.”


Darius Johnson-Odom

On all the turnovers…

“We work on our press like every day. Wasn’t disciplined enough to get to our spots. I think they kind of forced us into turnovers with a lot of their pressure. They kept hounding us. They did a good job of forcing us into turnovers.”

On whether their speed surprised you…

“I think we knew that their transition was the key. We wanted to get them to score on half court D. we are just as fast, but we didn’t do a good job getting back, and when you give up 26 turnovers, then it makes it easier for them to get in transition, and score easy points.”

On maybe being rusty…

“We were here last year, the same spot against Louisville, and I thought everybody was mentally focused. We were ready. We didn’t bring enough energy in the first half, and they just took us apart. A lot of it is on ourselves. We gave up a lot of offensive rebounds, and 26 turnovers, just ain’t going to do it. We have to learn from what happened.”


Jae Crowder

On how to build off the loss…

“We got a chance to build on it going into the tournament. Look at the mistakes we made and try to learn from it, so a lot of positives can come from a loss, no matter what point of the year it is.”

On his foul situation and his mindset going into the second half…

“Wanted to try to get an easy basket, but I picked up another one for my fourth foul. I was trying to make a play, trying to get some momentum for our team, and they called me on one. So I was just trying not to get one quick one, but it happened.

On regrouping…

“You just clear your head, wait for the opponent that you’re going to get matched up with come Sunday and find out what they like to do. But at the same time work on what got us to this point. I feel like we’ll be fine once we get back to what we do and study the next opponent and get back to them, and we’re looking forward to the challenge.



This is the second year in a row and third time in four years Louisville has made the semi-finals of the Big East Tournament.

This is the fourth time in five years the No.7 seed has beaten the No. 2 seed in the Big East Tournament.

Marquette committed 26 turnovers, one short of the Big East Tournament single-game record.

Marquette’s loss snapped a five-year streak of winning their first game in the Big East Tournament.

Jae Crowder (with 10 points and 12 rebounds) had his 12th double-double of the season.

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