Flannel Fall

With a complete 180 in weather, people have been pulling out their layers and prepping for the brisk cold. A fall and winter favorite is the universal flannel. The cozy basic is great for keeping warm and layering up. The diverse top can work with shorts, pants, dark, or nude tones.

For girls, delicate prints and neutral tones can make the rugged shirt a little more feminine. With pastel and airy tops, lighter flannels can be used during the transitional weather. For colder conditions, thicker flannels can be layered with warmer attire. There are various cuts, patterns, and materials to match your own style.

Guys have the same versatility with the tops. Instead of pairing them with a lighter jean, try matching flannels to khakis, colored pants, or shorts. When wearing flannels, guys can pair a slouch beanie, button up, or add white tee to add a different feel. As for footwear, Clarks, Timberlands, or Sperry’s all vary the style you’re going for.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and try new things. Stay warm!


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