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tell me about it stud Recently, I’ve been all about leather statement pieces. No, not just the obligatory leather jacket, but leather incorporated into different pieces. However, I’ll always love an essential leather jacket. With the weather changing and not making up its mind, I’ve decided to take the day as it may. Even if it means guessing what the temperature might be outside while  thinking of what to wear. Leather is worn in every season, whether we realize it or not. Leather doesn’t have to be a jacket or strictly be worn in the fall. It’s incorporated in shoes, handbags, accessories and of course any article of clothing.

For instance, I’ve seen many leather skirts, dresses, leggings, hats and accessories lately. These would be great to wear for the upcoming season. Throughout lookbooks, celebrities and blogs I’ve gotten inspiration and I’m loving the edgy feel that leather can give any outfit. Like Sandy and Danny from Grease, leather gives off a cool/edgy vibe. High fashion runway shows can give us guidelines and aspire us to recreate the top looks.

Go beyond just the leather jacket!

(Image from

Leather statement pieces and inspiration: Some of the tops’ names have included a punk theme in their latest collections. There was even an underrated punk theme for theme for the MET Gala. I have a feeling that companies, brands, designers and stores will want to incorporate punk in their collections. It all started with a bit of punk, rockabilly and rock n’ roll, right? Put on some Black Flag or some Misfits and enjoy!leatherleather 2 In these looks, I really like the skirt, boots and the leather paneling on the blouse. Very sleek (images from leather 4leather 3 leather 5leather 6 Okay, I know I said to go beyond the jacket, but I loved these both too much. They’re different from a lot I have seen due to the quilted and ridged stitching on the sides. The leather paneling on the white skirt definitely creates an interesting contrast.  There are similar jackets (and luckily shoes!) like the ones in this look at Zara.leather 7 leather 8

Ciara looking long and lean in her leather pants and boots. The look makes a continuous line through her legs, appearing slimmer and longer. And then Sky Ferreira in her leather peplum dress, being so on point it probably doesn’t even need accessories. (Images from

leather 9leather 11

Rihanna in a leather baseball cap. And model Joan Smalls being effortlessly perfect in her head to toe leather outfit. (image from

Look into my closet:

A leather skirt from H&M, hand-me-down Fendi boots and a leather jacket from a thrift store that literally cost $1……

You can literally find anything if you look hard!

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