The Curve Illusion Dress

Curvy Illusions

curve We all know about the “little black dress” and now there’s a new dress that’s just as flattering and essential. The curve illusion dress flatters so many different body types and can work wonders. Kate Winslet looks beautiful in this white and black paneling ensemble. Her body is so on point and it slims and accentuates the perfect areas. It’s all about color blocking and shading in the right areas. Recently, I’ve really been loving this style of dress and definitely want more girls to be aware of how great it can look on many different frames.

The trick is to create an illusion, hence the title in the name of the dress. You can trick the eye into hiding and accentuating areas that you prefer. One of the main reasons why I love fashion and style is because you make it work for YOU. Finding out what fits well with your own body type is an amazing thing. Dressing for your body and being proud of what you have can all be achieved on what you wear. Trying out different styles and shapes will steer you in the right direction for clothes. However, I’ve seen this shape of dress on many different body types and it looks amazing! For girls who want a little more shape and ‘umph’ in their figure, this dress can provide an hour glass shape. Just by using some paneling on the sides and around the waist, this can be achieved. How great is that?! You’ll look long and lean and like the perfect silhouette. And for the curvier girls, this dress might be your best friend. It shows your awesome figure inevitably but the paneling on the side can tighten any of the areas you might not be confident with. As for me. that definitely helps. The color and material on the sides really create the illusion to pull you in tighter.

If you’re not always confident in your body when you wear certain dresses, try this one! It’s worth it. Find the fabric, material and colors that will help you look your best. Be confident, you’ll look beautiful. Trust me! I want to know what all the ladies think about this style of dress and if it works for them.


The Stella McCartney dress: Simple, but man, is the body on point!

curve 3


curve 5


curve 6 curve 4

Sheer paneling and optical illusion shade paneling.


curve 7

If you wanna get a little scandalous!


An interesting bonus:

curve 12

I love this spider-web like design with the wire paneling! The same rules and tricks apply but this design is really intricate. The wiring will still slim you and create that curvy illusion.


curve 13

I cannot get over how much I love this dress. It creates the perfect hourglass shape, and of course her body look phenomenal in it as well. Must be nice to look like Jessica Rabbit. I need to get one of these! The color blocking is in all the right places. The darker shade is on the waist to create a slimmer illusion when the rest is VA-VA-VOOM.


curve 2


curve 8

These would look great in the fall or winter!


curve 9

Graphic prints!


curve 10

curve 11

I love the intricate design on this one!


Ladies, let me know if you try any curve illusion dresses. Rock it out!