Back to Basics – The Blazer

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Start off the school year looking sharp with a well fitted blazer.  Blazers are versatile because they can be worn to multiple events throughout the year, such as a small party, class, a meeting, or  even a date.

There are multiple colors one can choose from that can make an outfit stand out from the crowd. While this is true, I tend to stick to the black blazer. The black blazer is a classic staple that can be matched with just about anything. I tend to wear my BB with a white t-shirt and skinny jeans for a chill, polished look.
The black blazer is ideal, but just like the LBD, the BB can have different variations:  fabrics, pockets, and length.
Key Hint: When shopping for the perfect black blazer, have a friend tag along. Sometimes it can be hard to determine on your own whether or not to purchase it. In addition, your friend will be able to spot out whether or not the blazer is too tight in the back. It is also important to focus on the shoulders. You want to make sure they are not too wide, so that when you raise your arms there isn’t  a dent in the fabric. Pay careful attention into the hemming and fabric, you want to make sure you invest your money on a blazer that will go a long way. Although the hunt for the perfect BB may be frustrating, it is worth it  the long run.
Take a look at my top picks on the perfect blazer:
Date night
Black blazer can be worn over a dress with open-toed heels.
Evening out on the town
Party Life Tux Blazer

Party Life Tux Blazer

Over-sized boyfriend blazer worn with a mini skirt or  jeans with a sleek ponytail paired with combat boots or heels.
Lustrous Cuff Blazer

Lustrous Cuff Blazer

A well fitted black blazer matched with a white button down collared shirt with pants or skirt.

ASOS Blazer in Ponte

ASOS Blazer in Ponte

Black blazer can be matched with skinny jeans and a blouse paired with flats.

Every day wear

Silence + Noise Ex-Boyfriend Blazer

Silence + Noise Ex-Boyfriend Blazer

Black blazer can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans paired with Converse sneakers.

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