Summer pants: Zara Style

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For this post, I thought I would do something different and focus on a particular store and item. To be more specific, the summer harem/pajama-like pants at Zara are catching my eye. These pants are great for summer because they’re flowy and don’t have too much structure. They are also perfect for someone who isn’t as confident in showing their legs all the time during the hotter days. The harem pants allow the legs to breeze and they make a very flattering silhouette and appeal.

I’m zoning in on Zara because they offer a wide selection of sizes, colors, textures and patterns that are very versatile and trendy.


These Aztec printed pants are very laid back and casual. I love how each woman made them her own style yet similar.

(Image from:

zara 1

I love this print and colors. It’s very fresh and would look great with a white crisp shirt of any sorts.

Similar to here:

zara 2


(Images from:

zara 3

I also love the wide arrangement of the style and width of the pants and textures. When the pants are satin rather than a cotton, it makes the look less casual.

(Image from:

Now a look into my closet at a pair of pants I purchased from Zara a couple weeks ago.

zara 5 zara 6

These were around $29 and they came in a lot of different patterns. I liked the white/cornflower blue vintage design. These are completely satin and have a little structure on the seam. They’re super light weight and I loved wearing them this summer.



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