Freshman Reflections

Wow! I will be taking my last final in two days. I’ll be 25 percent of the way done with my college career.

I still remember move-in day. My first college meal. That awkward square dance where I can assure I did not meet my husband. My first college class. My first hot cookie night. The first time I felt comfortable on campus.

It’s important to reflect. It allows us to realize how far we’ve come. I learned how to pronounce all of the names of those weird buildings. Lanyards were put away, deep into our dressers, as if to forget how lame we were in the beginning. And I eventually navigated the public transit system.

I learned a lot this year. Not just about Milwaukee and college culture, but in my classes. I wrote a couple of posts, one about professor’s secret lives and one about guest speakers.

It’s been a great first year! Here’s a list of the things I could not have survived the year without:

1) My Macbook Pro

2) Hot cookie night at Cobeen

3) MU Fanatics shirt

4) iPhone

5) Post-its and highlighters

6) Spotify

7) Unlimited meal swipes

8) leggings

9) all of the new friends I’ve made

10) the promise of three more years to come…

Have a great summer!