Arts & Entertainment
Art is for everyone
September 15, 2014
From a class covering the arts I'm enrolled in this semester, to another class on the history of American film, to working with the arts and entertainment department for the Marquette Wire, I sense a very artistic semester is upon me
Arts & Entertainment
Real Chili Revisited: Cathedral Square
September 10, 2014
Further down Wells St. just before Cathedral Square is a Real Chili that shows you a different perspective on this classic Milwaukee dining establishment.
Arts & Entertainment
Reflecting on the past, hopeful for the future
September 8, 2014
My alarm rung last Monday to what was to be the first day of my senior year—my last year here at Marquette. As cliché as it sounds, it feels like it was yesterday that I made it to O'Donnell Hall.
Arts & Entertainment
Three MKE establishments that are thinking outside the box (of doughnuts).
September 3, 2014
For the first installment of this brand new food column I decided to do a public service for everyone and go on a ‘donutventure.’ Like any good holy pilgrimage I could not do this alone, with two of my closest friends I began my journey.
Upcoming summer movies
April 25, 2014
Well folks it is almost summer time, can you believe the school year is almost over? One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go see a movie because there are typically a lot of good movies released during this time. Going to the movies is great on that rainy day, […]
Recap of the MTV Movie Awards
April 16, 2014
The MTV Movie Awards are not like most award shows. The movies that are nominated are not the top movies of the year and the actors that show up to the event are not the most popular, but the show is entertaining none the less. This year’s host was Conan O’Brien and his opening remarks […]