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A Note From The Director:

Marquette Student Media Advertising is a student run advertising and marketing agency. We operate with a staff of approximately thirty talented individuals, who specialize in sales, marketing, design, and promotions. Here at MSMADS, we pride ourselves on delivering unique and quality services to clients through the form of print and digital advertising. We have established ourselves within the Marquette community, and we know how to target the student body because we are students ourselves.

We are continuously working to improve our services while making a transformation to the digital media age.
At MSMADS, our number one priority is to keep you connected.

Natalie Kaufman
Executive Director

2013-2014 Media Kit

The 2013-2014 media kit contains the products and services offered by MSMADS. Inside the media kit, information about deadlines, pricing, sizing, as well as the breadth of available advertising options can be found.

If you have any questions or would like to be set up with an Account Executive,

E-mail: OR Call (414)288-1739

Spring 2014 Housing Guide

The Housing Guide is released by MSMADS as a tool for students to use when searching for off-campus housing. This issue, released February 27, 2014, contains  off-campus confessions from Marquette students, the most forgotten move-in items, a guide how to have those awkward conversations with roommates, and much more. The Housing Guide also contains advertisements from many realtors across the Marquette off-campus community and Milwaukee. This is a great opportunity for advertisers to get their available rental units out there because students are likely to pick up the issue due to the relevant content.

Fall 2013 Housing Guide