OP-ED: Marquette needs ban on political discrimination

Recently, the University of Colorado banned discrimination based on political affiliation, and Marquette needs to do the same. We attend a Jesuit institution where cura personalis is preached. We all know that cura personalis means to care for the “whole person.” I’m quite grateful for this Jesuit value being instilled in me at Marquette. It has opened up my eyes and allowed me to see things with a more balanced and appropriate view.

That said, isn’t part of the cura personalis identity at Marquette to teach students how to think, rather than what to think? I won’t name names, but we’ve all had a professor or two at Marquette who clearly hold certain views and let it affect their teaching and grading habits. Many of us dealt with it in high school too, conservative and liberal. Facts are facts and should be presented as such. Opinions should not be presented as fact, nor should they be presented as generally accepted principles. At the same time, not all professors let their personal biases affect their classes, and I appreciate that. Who wouldn’t?

I foresee the overarching question professors would bring forward is a bylaw to be presented by MUSG or the university: “What about my freedom of speech?” My answer would be: “What about MY freedom of speech, thought, expression, etc.?” Your rights end where mine begin because, after all, I and other students at Marquette are the ones paying for the majority of your salaries. I have nothing against professors or teachers. Education would not be possible without them, and I personally thank you, professors and teachers, for doing what you do because it’s noble and your studies are intriguing – just be fair.

I call on MUSG and the university to consider a ban on political discrimination, conservative or liberal, because any argument against protecting the basic freedoms that many of our friends and relatives have fought for would be illogical. Cura personalis is a philosophy on teaching set in stone. It’s no one’s place to change its definition.

Joel Kretz is a sophomore in the College of Business Administration double majoring in finance and business economics while minoring in political science. He is from Beavercreek, Ohio.

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