Stress-relief puppies stressed out from being pet by stressed students

An animal-therapy event with stress-relif puppies Monday may have benefited students, but backfired when the puppies themselves were overcome with stress from being surrounded by stressed students.

The puppies expressed displeasure with the stress being transferred onto them from excessive petting, adding that being petted by 50 students at once is like the equivalent of having five tests in a week.

“Bark bark bark bark bark,” a stressed-out puppy said. “Woof woof.”

Organizers of the puppy event said they did not anticipate the stress to transfer to the puppies, but also said they plan on being proactive about it by creating a chain of animal-therapy eventually leading to animals that matter less to the general public.

“We’re going to need to plan animal therapy for these puppies, too” event organizer Nala Sparks said. “Maybe cats?”

The puppies said, through a translator, that they no longer feel prepared for their final exams next week and were planning on pulling all-nighters in the library every day until finals. The Turnip failed to follow up and ask what final exams they could possibly have.


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