TV March Madness, Round Two

By: Victor Jacobo

Unlike the NCAA Tournament, the first round of our television tournament produced no upsets. The heavy weights passed with ease and while some serious contenders challenged their higher seeds, none pulled a Florida Gulf Coast University and busted the bracket.

The remaining Entertaining Eight will find the second round far more difficult. Breaking Bad better brace itself for winter in the quarterfinals as it goes against Game of Thrones, coming off a fresh season three premiere this past Sunday. The Mad Men-Walking Dead face-off should be the marquee matchup as Mad Men prepares for it’s sixth season set to premiere this coming Sunday while The Walking Dead has just finished its third season this past Sunday.

In the Comedy Region, Modern Family will face How I Met Your Mother for a chance to be in the Final Four. Parks and Recreation looks to continue its dominance and take on The Big Bang Theory.

It’s time to separate good shows from great shows so be sure to cast your vote to see who makes it to the Final Four.

First Round (16): March 26th – April 1st

Second Round (8): April 2nd – April 3rd

Third Round (4): April 4th – April 8th

Championship: April 9th – April 10th


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