Divine Consign brings affordable fashion to Milwaukee

With spring weather fast approaching and styles changing, many Milwaukee women will find themselves torn between rationality and a wardrobe update. Fortunately for the city’s stylish penny-pinchers, Divine Consign has the perfect solution.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Purtell

Photo courtesy of Jessica Purtell

The trendy traveling consignment boutique will be setting up shop at Milwaukee’s Zoofari Conference Center March 20-23 and promises to have just the right thing for every woman and every budget.

The consigning process provides customers with a chance to earn money for clothes and accessories that they no longer wear. Customers provide consignment stores with products, while store owners sell these new items, taking a small fraction of the final transaction. At Divine Consign, consignors have the opportunity to earn up to 75 percent of their sales by volunteering at the event, just one thing that makes it unique.

Before getting into the consignment business four years ago, Divine Consign founders Jessica Purtell and Jessi Wrench worked as event planners for a nonprofit but were inspired to start something new.

“We realized we had all these clothes that we were no longer wearing,” Purtell said. “Fashions change, and sizes change. There were all these clothes we weren’t utilizing, and we decided to do something with them.”

Since Purtell and Wrench first opened the Divine Consign doors in 2009, the store has expanded from its original location in Champaign, Illinois and now hosts eight annual events at four locations in Wisconsin and Illinois. The store also includes a wide variety of formal wear, business attire, workout clothing and high-end couture, with brands that range from Target to Kate Spade.

“We have something for women of all ages and sizes,” Purtell said. “We really are a one-stop shop, and that’s what makes us unique.”

Although all Divine Consign events carry a sizable amount of uncommon items, this weekend’s Milwaukee event promises to be especially busy for shoppers.

“We have 300 women in the (Milwaukee) community that will be selling their things,” Purtell said.

The process is equally exciting for Purtell and Wrench, who often don’t see the items until two days before the event, when the various shoes, dresses and accessories are dropped off on location.

Despite the substantial size of the event, it is always easy for each shopper to find something special.

“We see a lot of stuff come through the door, and I think the best part is simply seeing what they are able to find,” Purtell said.

The traveling consignment store also boasts a large following in the communities it visits.

“This is something people put on their calendars,” Purtell said. “The vastness is incredible, and it’s amazing to see what treasures each person is able to find.”

These treasures are listed under different brands and at various prices. Brands like Target and Old Navy go for around $8 to $12, while upscale designers such as Marc Jacobs are usually priced around $40 to $50. All of the items in the store are current and in pristine condition, making them great investments for any wardrobe for many seasons.

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