Five stories to watch for 10/26

In this weekly feature, we share five upcoming stories we’re most excited about. Readers are invited to send us tips, offer their perspective or criticize our choices.

Viewpoints: Columnist Carlie Campbell remembers Halloweens past.

News: A Milwaukee housing development began life as a Marquette class project — how did that happen?

Feature: A tour around Marquette’s spookier places in words and pictures.

Marquee: A peek behind the scenes of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Sports: Details on the women’s volleyball team’s unique offensive system.

  • Jessica P

    The Marquette Tribune should write a story on the controversial new facebook app “Bang with Friends.” It is sure to spur discussion on campus and increase readership.

  • Jake Cohen

    you guys should write a story about how Pita Bros is leaving Marquette because after years of trying to get a store theyve given up hope of Marquette to go to caroll college. Even though marquette currently has at least two vacant store locations a restraunt location next to the Wells parking structure that used to house cousins subs and a the old location of campus dollar. One of the “Bros” told me “its sad because our family wants to spend money here at Marquette. We love Marquette but the school does not seem intrested in allowing it to happen.”