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Grade: A ~ Erica Bail

On its debut CD, No Disassemble, Slow Runner is able to create a haunting, yet laid-back rock album, but it isn't enough to create an impact.

There are not many songs that stand out on the album.

"Streamline" has a simple piano melody that repeats continuously throughout the song and adds to the gloomy lyrics that lead singer Michael Flynn sings. However, "Redneck Bar" goes in the exact opposite direction by being more lighthearted in sound and lyric. It creates a contradictory mood compared to what the rest of the album is trying to achieve and makes this song stand out in a negative way. And "Break Your Mama's Back" — which was featured on an episode of the show "Grey's Anatomy" — does not prove itself worthy of being a hit song.

Overall, Slow Runner's freshman attempt at adding simple piano melodies with experimental electro sound is unsuccessful.

Grade: C ~ Rincey Abraham

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